Provenance Information

Provenance information can be attached through use of the Source object on a StatementGroup, a BeneficialOwnershipStatement, an EntityStatement or a PersonStatement.

These can be thought of in a hierarchy:

  • Level 1: StatementGroup
    • Level 2: BeneficialOwnershipStatement
      • Level 3: EntityStatement or PersonStatement

Each level adds further provenance information. So, for example, an EntityStatement.source record would indicate that the details of the entity have been obtained from a officialRegister, whilst the BeneficialOwnershipStatement.source record would indicate that the relationship between the identified entity, and a person, was asserted through self-declaration, and the StatementGroup.source would indicate that all this information was brought together by importing from another open dataset.

Source object

The Source object provides the following fields:

Field Name Description Format
type Source type: What type of source is this? Multiple tags can be combined. Codelist options: [selfDeclaration, officialRegister, thirdParty, primaryResearch, verified] array enum (codelist)
description Description: Where required, additional free-text information about the source of this statement can be provided here. string
url Source URL: If this information was fetched from an external URL, or a machine or human readable web page is available that provides addition information on how this statement was sourced, provide the URL. string
retrievedAt Retrieved at: If this statement was imported from some external system, include a timestamp indicating when this took place. The statement’s own date should be set based on the source information. datetime string
assertedBy Asserted by: Who is making this statement? This may be the name of the person or organisation making a self-declaration (in which case, please make sure the name field matches the organisation or person name field), or the name or description of some other party. If this statment has been verified, this may also include the name of the organisation providing verification. See AssertingParty section for further details. Object Array

Source type codelist

ToDo: Provide formal definitions of each source type